Peace (Poem)

I feel it creeping in

Old enemy that got under my skin

Maybe you want to cause more trouble now

As if what you did wasn’t enough somehow

Please forgive me

For my transgressions

And I’ll forgive you

For killing the truth

I’m getting these trepidating impressions

That you want to kill me one more time

But the bottom line

Is I want peace

And I’ll fight for it

Till I breathe with ease

You better believe it

Switching sides (Poem)

Emotionally I’m riding a ride

Dark or light, can’t pick a side

I decide one day I’ll be happy the next

Then waver and go to bed

Tell myself I will be fine

That I’ll be happier than if I done a line

But when it comes time

For the sun to shine

I’m disawoving my feelings

And fall into the pit again

I plant little seedlings

Of happiness in my garden

Only to switch to darkness

And never water them

I swim in the sea of despair

Then turn around and no longer care

Truth is I try to be happy

By sweeping my troubles

Under the rug

I wanna enjoy myself and hurt less

But who will finance that emotionally?

No one, so I keep switching sides

It’s nothing to take personally

I take it in stride

And continue my haunted carnival ride

Gone (Poem)

I don’t know who’ll come across this scripture

Might think it’s about them and get the wrong picture

But I need to let this out, I swear

So listen, and take care

Because honest to God, I hope

Your evil ways

Come back to bite you in the ass

You push me down a slope

With great pleasure in your eyes

You enjoy believing your own lies

Maybe I’m not seeing clearly

Maybe you’re not being evil to me

But just in case

I wish you were lost in space

Just in case

I hope tears roll down your face

When you realize

Your actions have consequences

You blind my eyes

And dull my senses

I wish you were dead

I wish someone cut off your head

I wish you would just leave me alone

And be gone.

God is unkind (Poem)

Why am I making this difficult?

Why don’t I just surrender to God?

And his plan for my life

Maybe because it was filled with strife

And my nightmares came true

And God, it’s all because of you

You set this all in motion

So don’t get on my back when I get stuck in emotion

End up stuck in a contortion

You denied my volition

You took away my mission

I don’t blame anyone but you, God

I still treat people with love, it’s odd

Even when I’m doing my best

You give me an impossible test

So tell me, why do you hate me?

Cause I can’t see

What’s underneath

The trauma, depression, fear and obligation

Are you really proud of your creation?

I don’t wanna hope

When God’s standing there, passing me the rope

Better days (Poem)

All my life I’ve been waiting for days

That will take me away from acid rains

Now I’m on the edge waiting

Looking at this painting

Of my destiny, my woes and fears

My epiphanies and tears

My progress through these years

And I feel a quiet faith

Cause I know better days will be worth the wait

And I know they’re near

They’re almost here.

Thank you (Poem)

I’m a phoenix rising from the ashes

From the hellfire you put me in

My skin was bleeding from your scratches

What you did to me is a sin

No longer mourning and crying

The pain inside me is dying

Don’t stop and look what’s happening

Come in, and hear my soul sing

My arms no longer picking at the scabs

Of my dark destiny

There is light now, look at the festivities

I might wax and wane

When it comes to pain

But now I’m stronger

The truth is I couldn’t care any longer

So thank you, for setting me on fire and leaving me to burn

Now I give to you this urn

Of no more dark tommorows

This is the end of my sorrows